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​Roweena Chetty epitomises the philosophy that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and espouses the ethical principle that to be excellent, one needs to do things right.
Even in the midst of a global pandemic that has already claimed 29 lives in the City, the Senior Law Enforcement Officer in the Department of Development Planning proves that adversity can propel ingenuity and success.
Chetty was recently capped by the non-profit organisation, the Association for Office Professionals of South Africa, for Exemplary Mentorship and Project Management. This is her third award from the association in three consecutive years.
“Excellence is the result of caring about what we do and of putting our very best effort in what we care about. It is an outward expression of inner integrity, passion and a strong sense to make a true difference,” she says.
The association describes her as the Duracell bunny type who is always willing to go beyond the call of duty to extend an extra helping hand to others.
She has been lauded for being a woman of virtue who has impacted the lives of ordinary people in her community, demonstrating her passion to help, serve, educate and empower.
Chetty, who boasts a myriad other accolades under her belt, encourages fellow City colleagues not to allow their skills, resources or the information they have to become a constraint to the thought of giving off their ultimate best.
“It is our attitude that translates itself into excellence. It is the reflection of our passion and commitment,” she notes.
Chetty works in the Land-Use Development Management Directorate that enforces bylaws. She believes proper planning promotes high performance.
“I’m really proud to be an employee of the City of Joburg and be able to motivate all our colleagues that nothing should stop them from giving off their extreme best and unleash greatness in all they do, even during the pandemic.”