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​Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, I never thought I would be infected. Reasons being that I immediately stayed away from shops, worked from home most of the time, when in public, practised physical distancing and wore a mask full time.
I did all of this because my husband and I have comorbidities. I did not visit my hometown at all as well. I stayed locked up in my apartment for most of the time. Well, let me tell you… I got INFECTED!
On 23 June 2021, my husband and I visited my family in Rustenburg. We arrived home, hugged my mom and sat down to exchange pleasantries as well as hold conversations about things we have missed out on for a whole year. Because she is my mother, we ignored safety protocols – avoid hugs, constantly wear masks, maintain social distancing and sanitise.
We returned to our Joburg home and I felt an itch in my throat. I thought it was flu and possibly from the car heater. On Monday, 28 June 2021, my sister, mom and dad tested positive for Covid. 
On 5 July 2021, I had my usual meetings and finally accepted that I might have Covid. I could not focus, my vision seemed to be blurred, I was fatigued, my waist and back were painful, and my chest was very sore. I could not breathe properly. Almost each time I took a breath I had to hold on for dear life.
On 6 July, I informed my managers and they advised me to go to the doctor. I did the molecular PCR test, which uses a nasal swab to collect samples of cells and fluids from the respiratory system. Within 15 minutes I was done. My husband didn’t test and said he is completely fine.
I received the results on 9 July, the same day that I had received the sad news of the passing of the Executive Mayor, Cllr Geoffrey Makhubo. I thought that I was going to die and for the first time, I was really scared. 
Covid is not nice. One minute you feel better and within 20 minutes you are worse. I could not quickly stand up, I had to time myself before standing up. I could not shower or bathe properly without feeling like am carrying tons of weight on my body. Breathing was painful, steaming and nebulising made me feel very weak. 
But what amazed me was that every time I felt worse, I woke up feeling better. I listened to my body, rested a lot, had vitamins and all other medication, sanitised everything I touched, and I eventually got better. By 14 July 2021, I was feeling like myself again. 
Colleagues, please take all necessary precautions to help fight Covid. Practice physical distancing, sanitise and constantly wear a mask. 

The writer has asked to remain anonymous