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​A multi-disciplinary team of City of Joburg departments and entities is winding up work in Hillbrow, leaving the area cleaner, brighter and safer.

Since Tuesday, the City and its entities have spent three days clearing rubble, picking up refuse, fixing burst pipes and streetlights and enforcing by-laws, led by Region F Urban Management Operations Manager Lesiba Monakedi.

This intervention forms part of the City of Joburg’s 120 days accelerated service delivery programme which is gaining momentum across all City regions. This week’s campaign swept through the streets of Ward 63 in Hillbrow, including Kaptein, Klein, Edith Cavell, Esselen and Twist.

The accelerated service delivery campaign assumes an integrated service delivery approach where City departments and entities join forces to render a variety of services focusing on hotspots identified by the region and ward councilors.

As part of the campaign, the departments and entities tackled the following issues:
Pikitup conducted litter picking and filled over 100 refuse bags, clearing illegal dumping sites of 12 tons of waste and sweeping of streets using sweeper trucks and other heavy duty equipment.
Joburg Water replaced eleven missing valve covers and repaired two burst water pipes, found two suspected illegal water connections which was referred to operations for further investigation and disconnected five illegal connections.
City Power Maintenance and Protection Unit repaired street lights along Kaptien street, inspected seventeen properties, seven were compliant and seven were found to have illegally connected electricity and were disconnected. 
JMPD by-law enforcement issued twenty-eight illegal parking fines, five fines for expired license discs.
Environmental Health inspected thirteen) food and residential premises, issued eleven statutory notices and two fines in the amounts of five thousand rand and three thousand five hundred rand respectively and closed an illegal spaza shop.
EMS Inspected ten properties, issued five warnings, three notices and two properties were found to be fully compliant.
Town Planning department inspected thirteen properties five were fully complaint in terms of zoning rights and eight are under investigation for incorrect land use rights. 

“This is a mayoral programme with the purpose of enhancing and fast-tracking service delivery in the communities” said Region F, Regional Director, Irene Mafune.

“Cleanliness of the environment and management of waste is a collective effort and we implore residents to play their part in ensuring that the city is kept clean by recycling, refraining from littering and illegal dumping, and encourage residents to report any suspicious activities and illegal dumping to  JMPD on WhatsApp 082 779 1361 ” she concluded.

The Citizen Relationship and Urban Management (CRUM) uses these service delivery blitzes to educate members of the public to look after the environment and become active citizens in ensuring that their environment is safe and clean.