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​There were emotional scenes of joy and celebration as Member of Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Housing in the City of Joburg Cllr Mlungisi Mabaso issued hundreds of title deeds to proud, new RDP home-owners in the south and west of Joburg this week.  

On Wednesday 09 June, the MMC was welcomed by joyful beneficiaries to Kanana Park in Region G, south of Joburg, where 700 title deeds were distributed. Hundreds of residents braved the cold to bear witness as the MMC turned them into instant homeowners. 

“Title deeds are legal documents that prove legal ownership of property under South African law. We need to make sure that right people are allocated within the housing needs register so that when we issue out these title deeds, we give them to the rightful beneficiaries,” said Mabaso.

On Thursday, similar scenes unfolded in Sol Plaatjie, west of Joburg, where 720 beneficiaries received their title deeds. There were tears of joy, ululation and singing as residents took ownership of, and pride in, their new homes.

“I urge all those that have received title deeds to protect them at all costs to avoid a situation where it is stolen and you’re evicted from your home because a fraudulent person has managed to get their hands on it and changes the ownership of the house without your knowledge,” Mabaso urged beneficiaries.

Nyaniso Mukansi, a 69-year-old beneficiary who was unable to attend due to ill-health, agreed with the MMC.

“People are very untrustworthy nowadays... During our time, we did not get up to mischief to a point where we would get into trouble because of fraud. Today, we are walking over those that we trusted and respected, so I will definitely keep this document safe so that I do not find myself without a home,” said a cheerful Mukansi.

The MMC said he had tasked officials of the Department of Housing to continue issuing out title deeds to the rightful beneficiaries before the end of the financial year. If there are disputes within the houses that have been allocated, we will intervene.

“The Government of Local Unity (GLU) has delivered and does not end here. The GLU is determined to provide our residents with home ownership through various means and rapidly through the issuing of title deeds,” said the MMC. “The City has started issuing title deeds robustly and we will continue to issue them in all seven regions to ensure residents are given dignity.”