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Arts Alive Johannesburg International Festival with Diartskonageng presented a two-day master class at the Joburg Theatre for actors at different stages of their professional careers.

The workshops were delivered in two, four-hour sessions for artists who had a desire to recharge and experiment with new ideas about their craft and ways of applying themselves in high pressure professional settings.

Twelve individuals were selected among the applications that were received. According to master class facilitator Monageng “Vice” Motshabi, the 12 were selected following a call-out and motivation on why they would like to attend.

“Our reason for recruiting 12 actors with an application process was to tailor make the master classes to answer unanswered questions, stir up discussions and explore ways in which we as artists can progress and deliver our best in our fields,” he said.

Motshabi said that as an artist, he is always interested in mastering the work he does. He explores various platforms and means to make sure he is always a step ahead in his career. He is extremely passionate about working in the arts industry and believes that all artists should explore the tools available and work towards attaining mastery on a day to day basis.

The master classes from 20-21 November gave the attendees an opportunity polish their skills and techniques that may have rusted over the period of the lockdown and inactivity.

”Mastery is important to me. Doing anything in life and not attempting to be really good at it is a tragic situation to be in. You have to be inspired and be consistent in what you are passionate about. These master classes are a reminder to ask ourselves how we can continuously grow and develop our skills sets,” he said. 

Written by Sascha-Lee Joseph