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The Johannesburg Development Agency has successfully delivered four projects that are aligned to the Spatial Development Framework (SDF to ensure sustainability and long-lasting benefit to the communities it serves.

One of the underlying principles of the JDA is to create great public spaces and to keep communities active and safe this festive season.

We focus on four recently launched great public spaces: Jabulani Safe Hub and Community Facility; Klipspruit Multipurpose Centre; Paterson Park Multipurpose Centre and Alexandra Safe Hub.


The Jabulani Community Facility and the Jabulani Safa Safe-Hub are two world-class infrastructure projects that form part of the Jabulani Node launched in Soweto in September.

The facility consists of a multipurpose hall with a basketball court, changing rooms and tiered seating, a library, counselling facilities, offices, and meeting rooms.

This centre provides a physically and emotionally safe space where young people access services, opportunities and support through sports, arts and culture-based programmes that focus on personal development, health, safety, education, accredited training, employability, and local economic development.

The community will now enjoy indoor and outdoor entertainment closer to home. Not only that, a fully equipped kitchen, a coffee bar, workshops with computers and Information Technology rooms for training and other amenities.


The Klipspruit Multipurpose Centre has a new basketball-oriented sports centre, two new outdoor basketball and netball pitches, a new splash pad and play equipment, parking, seating areas, landscaping, and the new park link.

The floor in the centre is the specialised floor, ideal for indoor sport, development clinics and training sessions. The centre also includes the guardhouse, and a caretaker on the premises. The community in Klipspruit can do more - there is an outdoor gym, urban agriculture, playground, pedestrian path, cycle path, moulded stormwater channel, ablution block and braai and a picnic area.


Launched in October, the Paterson Park Multipurpose Centre, a modern, architecturally designed recreational facility, will provide a safe space that facilitates the development of fundamental skills like reading and writing, in conjunction with sport, physical activity and health to stimulate growth and development in the community.

Hot summer holidays are no longer the same with this new facility equipped with an Olympic-style swimming pool and splash pool with a grandstand for spectators. A soccer field, two smaller five-a-side fields, two tennis courts, and a basketball court, with a pavilion, offers a range of new programmes and activities for the local community.

For gym fanatics, the park offers an enclosed multi-functional sports hall with a fully equipped gym. For learners, a state-of-the-art library; a craft centre to facilitate artistic expression and growth; an Amphitheatre is there to polish talent, presentations, and recitals closer home. 


No more cough potatoes this festive season - the Jabulani Safe-Hub in Soweto and the Alexandra SAFA Safe-Hub provide a physically and emotionally safe space where young people access services, opportunities and support through sports, arts, and culture-based programmes.

The Alexandra Safe-Hub has a 40-seater IT and communication Youth Centre that also functions as a learning and enterprise centre. Programmes offered at the centre will include office space, e-Learning, computer, counselling, workshop rooms and a youth café.

Young business minds and entrepreneurs will gather and exchange ideas for their small businesses in the area to boost the local economy and create jobs.

Through these initiative and healthy, strong relationships formed with well-trained role models, coaches and facilitators, young people can explore their independence and individuality, build a core set of values, nurture their dreams then realise their full potential.