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​Motorists in Johannesburg will cruise smoothly through humdrum peak-hour traffic now that the City has finalised a new agreement with Traffic Freeflow, the company that deploys points-people.

The Executive Mayor, Cllr Geoff Makhubo says this move paves way for increased deployment of static and mobile points-people throughout major traffic intersections in Johannesburg.
The Executive Mayor has moved swiftly in ensuring services rendered by Traffic Freeflow are regularised to comply with the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA) and other relevant legislation, including the Criminal Procedure Act.

“We have finalised this new agreement on terms that guarantee that services are offered at zero cost to the City,” says Cllr Makhubo.

He notes that the newly finalised contract is also being looked into for job creation.
“The creation of job opportunities for young people who are trained to provide these services cannot be overstated,” he says.

Cllr Makhubo says the JMPD has already trained 40 out of a contingent of 100 points-people due to be deployed citywide.

“Over the last 15 months, our roads have been left unattended, resulting in great inconvenience to residents during peak-hour traffic and signal failures. This undoubtedly compromised the safety of residents on our roads,” says Cllr Makhubo.

The Mayor says points-people always go the extra mile in executing their duties and helping to get the gridlock moving.

They are passionate and tenacious and often have to stand out in the wind, rain and scorching sunshine, calmly directing heavy traffic and untangling snarl-ups on the streets of Joburg.

“We urge residents to show points-people courtesy and to cooperate with their instructions on our roads. They are there to assist with the smooth flow of traffic and to ensure we are safe at all times,” he explains.