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Head of JRA Planning resigns following suspension​

This past Thursday, 06 June 2019, the MMC for Transport in the City of Johannesburg, Councillor Nonhlanhla Makhuba announced that she learned of the resignation of the Johannesburg Road Agency’s (JRA) Head of Planning, effective 04 June 2019.
This follows the official’s suspension earlier in March based on allegations of corruption and misconduct:
These included:
•        The official is alleged to have initiated contact with a potential service provider and subsequently held a meeting with the service provider, during which, they proposed to allocate three work contracts on condition that they are paid kickbacks of approximately 30% of the revenue generated from the JRA contracts;
•        It is alleged that the official and the contractor, discussed the inflation of work hours on invoices in order to cater for kickbacks that should be paid; and
•        It is further alleged that the official, subsequent to the afore-mentioned, divulged strictly confidential information to the potential service provider (“an unauthorised person”), to the effect that they were on the list of bidders approved for appointment on the panel and would soon thereafter receive an appointment letter from the JRA.
Subsequent to these allegations, the official was placed on suspension pending an investigation into the matter.
Though the recent resignation has prevented an internal disciplinary proceeding from taking place, Makhuba said matter has already been reported to policing authorities for further investigation.
She added that the City of Johannesburg was grateful to the Carte Blanche team for their sterling work in bringing the matter to its attention.