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8 City of Joburg employees dismissed for manipulating bidding process

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Eight City of Johannesburg employees were last week dismissed after being found guilty of manipulating a bid evaluation process and further authorising additional unjustified payments to a service provider.

Their dismissal follows a lengthy disciplinary process which revealed that the R54 million budget to fund a 2016 event, COP17, which is a world wildlife conference that seeks to combat illegal trade in animals and fauna, had result in actual spend of close to R66 million.

It was found that various unjustified and unauthorised additional payments were made to the service provider above and beyond the R54 million.
The employees involved in the deliberate manipulation of the bid evaluation process and the illegal payments were based in the Departments of Economic Development, Group Legal, Finance as well as Environment and Infrastructure Services.

The current multiparty administration in the City has zero tolerance of corruption and the abuse of ratepayer’s money.
The City will continue to act against corruption, and continue to dismiss employees who violate the trust and responsibility bestowed upon them to uphold good governance and serve residents with honesty and dedication.