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City gets green light to name streets in Bramfischerville
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Last week, Council approved a report to name the streets in Bramfischerville, Soweto. The naming of streets serves two important functions, namely - practically, to help us find places, navigate and move around the City – as well as to ensure that emergency and other services can access residents in need easily; as well as to bring meaning to a place – thus contributing to the cultural heritage and identity of that particular area.
In an effort to resolve the backlog of unnamed streets in the City of Johannesburg, the Community Development Departments’ Arts, Culture and Heritage Directorate was mandated by Council on Thursday to give priority to areas such as Bramfischerville, to allocate street names where there are no street names.
Bramfischerville is a formalised, settlement near Dobsonville, Soweto, in Region C, established in 2008 under Black Communities Development Act 74 of 1984 amended by 74 of 1988, and this was done without the allocation of street names. The Community Development Department received an application for street names through the Ward Councillor and the matter was extensively discussed as part of public consultation process.

Public consultation was held to allow community members to come up with the names of streets to ensure buy-in as well to give the community ownership of the process. The consultation process was done in line with the City’s policy on the Naming of Streets and other Public Places.
Following this, the department wrote a report to Council for the approval of these street names, and Council’s approval on Thursday means that the process can now be operationalised. As an addition to the naming of streets in Bramfischerville, Meadowlands Zone 11 and 12, which are surrounding townships that are without street names will also be allocated names.
The MMC for Community Development, Councillor Nonhlanhla Sifumba said: “Every resident has the right to an address, if there is no street name, there is no address. Being without an address is a denial of human dignity, which marginalizes and excludes people from receiving basic services. Diphetogo has now ensured that the people of Bramfischerville and surrounds have their dignity restored.”