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​First pets and first pests 
Terrier Fox.jpg​​The first dog to appear in the town was a fox terrier, owned by Dr GJM Melle and obtained in April 1887. Its name was Whiskey. Isobel Solomon brought the first cat into town from the Cape, date unknown.
Johannesburgers had to deal with the big swarm of locusts in May 1891. The Star of 1936 reported that the "first big swarm of locusts descended on Johannesburg on 28 May 1891. One walks upon locusts; the walls are barnacled with them; but still they come, and there are at present no indications of them going away . . . Even the fires that were thought to be efficacious in warding off their attacks seem to be utterly despised, and there is nothing for it, since they are uninvited guests, but to wait their pleasure in going away".
The first pet shop opened in a tearoom which was opened in 1900, on the corner of Noord and Harrison streets.