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​​Expanded Social Package (ESP)
This rebate applies to owners of residential properties, South African Citizens who have limited income and who are not pensioners, but can show that his or her annual income falls below the limit determined by Council.

The owner must apply for the Expanded Social Package and re-register every six months with such proof as the Council may reasonably require to substantiate any entitlement to a rebate contemplated in this category. If the client does not re-register, he/she will not receive continued rebates.

The conditions are as follows:

(i) The owners must own and occupy the property concerned, reside within the boundaries of the City of Joburg. Their individual monthly income should not exceed R5 852.​28 (This changes annually on 01 November in line with the CPIX).
(ii) The owners must achieve a score on the City of Johannesburg Poverty Index as specified below. The extent of the rebate will depend on the applicant's score on the City of Johannesburg Poverty Index:

Greater than zero but not exceeding 34 points: 70% of the current monthly rate;

Greater than 35 points: 100% of the current monthly rate.

(iii) The value of the property may not exceed R500 000.00 (five hundred thousand rand)

​​Pensioners on the Expanded Social P​ackage

​Expanded Social Package pensioners who live in a property not more than R2.5 million will qualify for 100% rebates.

Pensioners who receive the ESP metered and non-metered service re​bates will not receive the pensioner property rates rebate automatically, they must apply for pensioner property rates rebate, using the pensioner property rates application form. The pensioner rebate is applicable from the date of application and will remain valid for the duration of the general valuation roll which is ending, 30 June 2022. The current general valuation roll (GV2018) is valid effectively from the 1 July 2018 – 30 June 2022.

All approved pensioner’s rebates will be valid up until a new general valuation roll replaces GV2018. Subsequent to that, the pensioner will be required to re-apply following the normal process.

For more information​ on the Expanded Social Package registration process: Click here

Expanded Social Package ​registration sites: Click here

Expanded Social Package Tariffs Unpacked

Understanding ESP​​
Covid Arrangements
​Qualifying Criteria
​Types of Rebates

​The Expanded Social Package (ESP) Online Registration Process during COVID-19

As part of the continued fight against COVID-19 and for the convenience of our citizens, the Social Development Department has introduced an online platform for ESP registrations during this period. 

New applications and re-registrations for the ESP program can be made online by emailing your documentation to:

Qualifying Criteria:

  • Must be a South African Citizen
  • Must reside within the City of Johannesburg boundaries
  • Income should not exceed R6 086.37 on a monthly basis (this includes pensions, investments and other financial resources available)

Documentation required: 

  • Proof of income, SASSA Card, all bank statements (for last 3 months or sworn affidavit confirming that you do not have a bank account. Any other source of income must be declared)
  • Proof of residence, City of Johannesburg Rates and Taxes account number or sworn affidavit from your local police station
  • Identity document
  • City of Johannesburg Rates and Taxes Account
  • City Power Pre-Paid Meter Account number
  • Eskom Pre-Paid Electricity Account Number, Conventional Account Number
  • Joburg Water Account/ Pre-Paid Account Number (Interface Tag Unit (ITU) number on the receipt) 

  Types of rebates you may qualify for:

  • Property owners qualify for subsidy on their rates, refuse, sewer, water and electricity services.
  • Non-property owners or non-account holders qualify for rebates on water and electricity services.


Score on Prevailing CoJ Poverty Index​​

Monthly allocation of free electricity (Kilowatt hours) per month on Conventional meters.

Monthly allocation of free electricity (Kilowatt hours) per month on Pre-paid meters.

BAND 11-3410 KWh10 KWh
BAND 235-6920 KWh20 KWh
BAND 370-10030 KWh30 KWh



Score on Prevailing CoJ Poverty Index​

Allocation of additional free water per person per day (litres)pm


Monthly allocation cap of free water per household in which at least 50% of registered social package recipients qualify.
BAND 11-3425L10 Kl
BAND 235-6935L12 Kl
BAND 370-10050L15 Kl


(Aged 60 and above) whose property value does not exceed R2 500 000.00 (Two million five hundred thousand rand) qualify for rebates on their rates, sewer and refuse of between 70 and 100%. The account must be in the name of the applicant.

Working Age Citizens and the Unemployed

(Aged 18-59) whose property value does not exceed R500 000.00 (Five hundred thousand rand) qualify for between 70 and 100% rebates on their rates, sewer and refuse. The account must be in the name of applicant.

Registration centres are located in various Customer Service Centres or municipal offices closer to areas where indigent people reside. It is the responsibility of individual citizens to visit municipal offices, to apply for subsidy consideration.

Important Information:

  • Clients are encouraged to register between the 1 and 15 of the month for new or re-registrations
  • All approved applications received between the 1 and 15 of the month, will receive rebates in the following month
  • Incomplete submissions will not be considered and processed 
  • Clients will be requested to complete a declaration form upon approval of the application 
  • Applications received from the 16 until end of the month will receive rebates in the second month after registration as a result of the Billing cycle 
  •  It is the responsibility of the client to inform the ESP Special Project Unit of any changes in circumstances e.g. income, account number, etc

For further information contact:  011 407-6515/6688 or mail