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​​​​​​​Applying for pensioner rebate​
application-forms-Custom-520x400.jpg​​The process of applying for a rebate varies from category to category so it is important to check out each section carefully and follow the steps outlined. ​Some rebates are awarded automatically while you will have to apply for others.

Two categories of Pensioners: 
This is not an automatic rebate as there are two cate​gories of pensioners.

1. 60 - 69 Years Old
​Application Form (Cli​ck ​he​re​​)

The pensioner application form may also be dow​nloaded from the website.

The City is sensitive to the needs of its senior citizens. Registered property owners who are pensioners may apply for a reduction of rates, subject to certain criteria. Pensioner's rebate application forms are available from any municipal Customer Service Centre.

There are 2 categories of pensioners defined in this category:

​Pensioners dependent on a national security grant – 100 percent rebate (subject to criteria);
Pensioners whose gross monthly earnings are less than R11 305 a month – 100 percent rebate (subject to criteria);
Pensioners whose gr​oss monthly earnings are higher than R11 305​ but less than R19 377 a ​month – 50 percent rebate (subject to criteria).​

​Pensioner criteria:
You are the owner of the property in respect of which the rates are charged;
You live on the property;​
You must be at least 60 years old;
The total value of the property as per the General Valuation Roll, that is, the land plus the improvements, may not exceed R2.5 million.​

Documentation required:
​Your identity document;
Proof of income for the previous tax year (SARS assessment); and
Proof of current income.

2. Pensioner rebate: 70 year old and abov​e
Application form (Click h​​ere​​​)
This is not an automatic rebate.
The City will provide 100% rebate to pensioners age 70 and above, irrespective of income, on condition that the​ maximum value of the property, does not exceed R2.5 million​.
Pensioner criteria:
You are the owner of the property​ in respect of which the rates are charged;
You live on the property
You must be at least 70 years old;
Document required: A Certified copy of Identity Document

Renewal of the pensioner rebate

The City of Johannesburg wishes to inform its pensioners who currently have a pensioner rebate on property rates, that the period of renewing the rebate has been extended from 30 June 2022 to 30 June 2023. This is due to the extension of the general valuation roll 2018 granted by the MEC for local government. The pensioner rebate is therefore extended by a year in line with the extension of the general valuation roll which is valid until 30 June 2023 (GV2018-2023). This means that all existing pensioner rebates are valid until 30 June 2023.


The City wishes to advise pensioners that the existing pensioner rebate must be renewed before the beginning of the new valuation roll which is 01 July 2023. All pensioner rebate renewal applications may be sent to the City from April 2023.

The updated pensioner rebate application forms is available from the​ City's walk-in centers or from or downloaded from the City's website

The pensioner rebate application forms must be submitted to the nearest walk-in centre and a reference number must be obtained.

NB.: All residents who become pensioners and are eligible for a pensioner rebate may submit a 'new' application at any time subject to the conditions set out in the City of Joburg rates policy.

The City of Johannesburg is currently busy with the 2023/24 budgeting process. Once it is finalised, communication will be sent out to pensil=oners indicating the application process to follow when applying for pensioners rebate.​